why buckin' nuts are the best

the best deep fried anything... ever.

Family made, grown, and owned

We were born in Colorado by two peanut lovin' co-founders... and through a couple of years at the farmer's market we've grown in leaps and bounds!

NON-GMO, Planet Friendly Sourcin'

We love working and supporting local farms in the Colorado region. And even though we're being featured in Natural Grocers now, you can still find us at the markets along the front range!
PS - Since you can eat the shell and all, this snack has a low carbon footprint.

Gluten, Soy, and *Mostly* Dairy FREE

We have a few blends we toss dairy in, like our best selling Buffalo Blue, but the majority of major allergens (except peanuts!) we steer clear of.

Crack the flavor!

WE'RE NUTS ABOUT THESE NUTS. In fact - we spend months and sometimes YEARS on the perfect flavor sourced from the highest quality sustainable resources.