In 2020, Buckin Nuts was created by two peanut lovin’ people. Kaitlyn and Reed found themselves relaxing in South Carolina snackin’ on some salty, boiled peanuts. Their childhood memories flashed before their eyes and they had to find a way to bring this same feeling to Denver, Colorado. Country Caviar was their mission. Buckin’ Nuts was created!

The Nutty Story

During their first farmer’s market, they realized selling boiled nuts to Coloradans might be tricker then they thought. They were only selling to southern transplants who missed their favorite snack as well. They decided they needed something else…

After researching about peanuts and all they can do, they created the Buckin’ Nuts Fried Peanut.

Peanuts deep fried in Peanut Oil - what else could you ask for?! When frying the peanut at such a high heat, you are able to eat the entire shell & all! No mess, no waste, all crunch. The snack is unique, fun, and brings a lot of flavor. Their goal is to show how versatile a peanut can be… I mean look at some of the flavors!

Starting Buckin’ Nuts taught Kaitlyn & Reed that by following your passions, you can create a lifestyle of creativity, growth, and fun, paired with hard work and dedication

“We have a created a product and business that is rewarding. We have had customers cry with joy because seeing a sign that says “boiled peanuts” in the middle of Denver, CO because itI reminded them of home. We never thought our life would revolve around peanuts, but boy! are we grateful for that nut.”